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By Adam Curry. Posted Sunday, December 30, 2012 at 1:29 PM.

Mongolian Hat

Executive Producers: Sir Doug Ownes, Sir Thomas Ward, Sir Patrick Vaughan, Sir Donald Filipchuck, Sir Scott WIlliam, Sir Tim, Sir Sean McGrath, I J Hirka, Sir Thomas Badrick, Sir Cloudsigma AG, Sir Bernie Attema

Associate Executive Producers: Stephen Sorrell, Caique Severo, Matthew DuBiel

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Knighthoods: Doug Owens, Thomas Ward, Patrick Vaughan, Donald Filipchuk, Scott William, Tim, Thomas Baddick, Cloudsigma AG, Bernie Attema, Sean McGrath, Stephen Nelson, Jeffrey Fitch, Nick A Wallace, Scott Morgan [Black Knight], Samantha Esposito [Black Dame]

Art By: Nick the Rat

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